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Responsibility for the overall effectiveness of the Back On Track Charity lies with the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees have overall accountability for the charity and manage all finances.


Kathleen Costello

Kathy has a long and distinguished career as a Company Director, as well as her own company, which offers mineral makeup services to help disguise the effects of disfigurements.

We can never repay the debt we owe to our veterans but, at Back on Track, we can at least try.

Vice Chair

Dee Carpenter

Dee has been in Public Relations and Marketing for over 30 years and is the day-to-day point of contact for Back on Track.

Back on Track is a brilliant charity because we aim to help ex-veterans get back on their feet..literally, mentally and financially..and quickly as possible.


Lesley Reynolds

Lesley, along with her husband Dr.Aamer Khan, founded Back on Track in order to help injured veterans who did not qualify for help on the National Health Service.

When we started Back on Track, we discovered that many of the veterans were downhearted and disillusioned as the system had let them down. We made it our business to have a very short chain of command, so that decisions, and solutions, could be implemented almost immediately.

Treasurer and Trustee

Michael Rust

A respected businessman with over 40 years experience in the service industry, particularly the Security Industry where he has employed many ex-service personnel.

I am fully aware of the sacrifices the Armed Forces undertake for us, and I am only too pleased to be involved with this wonderful Charity, who do so much to help.

Secretary and Trustee

Paula Hall

Paula Hall has worked at The Harley Street Skin Clinic for over 7 years and has efficiently overseen the running of the clinic during this time. She has brought these skills to her roles as both a Trustee and Secretary of the charity. Paula is the first point of contact for our veterans and keeps close contact with them during their treatment with the clinic and beyond.

Life can be tough, and sometimes all it needs is someone to talk to. Someone to help them find a way back to happiness. I try to be that person for them.

Trustee, Head of P.R.

Melanie Faldo

Melanie is a Public Relations professional with over 25 years’ experience. After a career in book publishing, She is now the Managing Director of Red Carpet Communications, providing services to companies, individuals and charitable causes.

Back on Track delivers much needed award-winning work for one of the most deserving communities of people - our veterans. The treatments and support they are offered by the team would not be available to them in many instances. It is often transformative, and sometimes, life changing.

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