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Will You Sponsor an Injured Veteran?

The British Armed Forces are the best in the world

Thus they are always on standby when conflict arises, so service personnel step up and put themselves in the firing line

Many pay the ultimate price, but others come home with serious injuries…and injuries sustained during active duty can take many forms. Some are physical, such as burns and scarring, which can be treated using the latest innovations in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Others are mental, with disorders such as PTSD, which develops after exposure to traumatic events. All service personnel react differently to their exposure to events on the battlefield, but for some it can be life threatening and even result in suicide. Medication may not be enough, which is why we use trained Psychotherapy Councillors to help those in most need.

But whatever treatment is needed by those who come into our care, the financial cost is high and resources can be limited.

So why not consider working with us to sponsor one Veteran on the road to recovery?

£1000 will fund 3 months counselling. £2500 will fund 6 months counselling. £5000 will fund 12 months counselling.

And if Sports sponsorship is of interest, we have injured veterans who need help to continue competing at the highest levels.

Take a look at some of the injured veterans who have benefited from our help. With your support we can continue to assist those most in need.

For further sponsorship opportunities please contact dee@backontrack.london or 07768 351 923

Will you join our army?


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