The Veterans we help

Mark Allen


Formerly of the Royal Anglian Regiment

Mark was on his fi rst tour of Afghanistan in 2010 when his patrol hit an Improvised Explosive Device. He lost both legs along with digits from each hand and had severe scarring to his face and neck. Mark was 19. He was in hospital for seven weeks and is in a wheelchair to this day. The Back On Track Charity have supported Mark through his rehabilitation by providing SmartXide Laser Treatment to repair his skin trauma. This treatment rejuvenates and resurfaces the skin, making the surface smoother and subsequently his scars looser and more comfortable.


Formerly of the Household Cavalry Regiment

Martyn suffered horrifi c injuries when his armoured vehicle was ambushed by the Taliban whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2006. A Rocket-propelled grenade set his vehicle ablaze, leaving Martyn with 75% third-degree burns. Having survived the fi re, he was shot twice whilst being rescued and was in a coma for three months before regaining consciousness. The Back On Track Charity have supported Martyn with Recell treatment; ReCell provides invaluable relief to those suffering with lesions left from surgery, burn injury, or trauma and results in the treated area being much more even in both texture and colour.

Martyn Compton
Mary Griffin


Formerly of the Royal Engineers

An accident on an assault course three weeks before deployment left Pete with two dislocated shoulders, surgery, a post surgical infection, PTSD and a medical discharge. Pete suffered septic arthritis and septicaemia during the surgical procedure and this ultimately led to the need for more surgeryWhen the demands of paying the bills on top of being unwell became all too much, the Back On Track Charity stepped in to support Pete fi nancially during this frightening time and are supporting his ongoing medical treatments.


Formerly of The Royal Corp of Signals

Whilst on operations in Germany Gary was crushed by a truck, suffering multiple external and internal injuries which led to abdominal surgery to remove damaged intestines. He suffered a life-threatening DVT and was diagnosed with severe depression and PTSD. Sadly, he also lost his son at this time. The Back On Track Charity are working with Gary to address surgical issues and are in the process of funding psychological treatment to address his PTSD.



Formerly an army reservist

Jamie was 32 years old when during a routine solo fl ight as training for his Private Pilot’s licence, he noticed a thin streak of fl ame coming from the aircraft’s engine. Recognising the immediate danger, he attempted to bring the small aircraft down for an emergency landing. As it was summer, he was wearing only shorts and a T-shirt, so he managed to free himself from the cockpit and clamber to the wing where he stood until the aircraft was only 20 feet from the ground…and jumped.


Formerly of the RAF

Steve served for 22 years around the UK, Germany, Cyprus and Sarajevo. Returning to ‘Civvie Street’, he worked as a tanker driver and then worked his way through into management and a qualifi cation in Forensic Collision Investigation, a job which he thoroughly enjoyed. In 2013, Steve felt that things were not right. He became aggressive at work, wasn’t sleeping and when he did, the nightmares and fl ashbacks occurred. In 2015, he was diagnosed with Complex PTSD and was medically retired from work.Back On Track has given him a competitive streak on the race track with Steve being a regular attender at the annual charity fl agship Heroes race day. The Back On Track Charity are in the process of funding private psychological treatment to address Steve’s C-PTSD.



Formerly of The Rifl es Regiment

Michael deployed to Afghanistan in September 2009. On the morning of 8th November that year, he was on foot patrol in Sangin, heading into the southern green zone as he was hit by an I.E.D. This resulted in him losing both legs above the knee along with shrapnel wounds to his arms. The Back On Track Charity have supported Michael through his rehabilitation by proving private laser treatment to his skin grafts on his arms. This treatment has resurfaced the skin graft, making it smoother and looser and has enabled Michael to continue his love of hand cycling without pain. All at the Back On Track Charity were thrilled to see Michael receive a Gold Medal in Hand cycling in the Invictus games in Sydney last month.


Former Captain of the Royal Engineers

Luke was injured in Nov 2010 while working as a Royal Engineer Search Adviser in Afghanistan. Ironically the threat that Luke was there to remove was his mechanism of his injury and the explosion from the IED took both of his legs above the knee and caused severe damage to both his arms. Luke has recovered from injury through the use of Sport and has represented his Country in Athletics both for Great Britain and the Armed Forces team at the Invictus Games. Luke is also part of the Veterans Gateway and is working to make support for veterans better and easier to access.The Back On Track Charity have provided Luke with SmartXide Laser Treatment to repair his skin trauma. This treatment rejuvenates and resurfaces the skin, making the surface smoother and subsequently his scars looser and more comfortable.