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13 September 2021



Martyn Compton is a Beneficiary of Back on Track and to say he has had an incredible journey just does not cover the problems he has overcome in the past few years.

On his first tour of duty in Afghanistan, a roadside bomb blew his tank in two, killing his three crew members. “Seeing I was still alive, the Taliban fired rocket-propelled grenades at me. One hit the engine, showering me in flaming debris, setting me alight. As I tried to get away from the tank, I was shot in the right leg twice. The pain was indescribable” Not only that, but a colleague spotted him, and, thinking he was the enemy was preparing to shoot. Luckily he realised his mistake and pulled Martyn to safety…saving his life.

Back in the UK, Martyn spent nearly 4 months in a coma with burns to 75% of his face and body and was on the brink of death but after 500 hours of surgery and physiotherapy, Martyn learned how to walk again,but he was left very badly scarred.

“I was officially discharged from the Army in 2014 and oddly, it was only then that everything I’d been through hit me hard. I suffered from PTSD and struggled to come to terms with what I’d lost. I still miss being part of the Army as fighting for Queen and country was all I’d ever wanted to do..and now physically I couldn’t do that anymore.”

Luckily, Martyn discovered racing. First it was go-karts, then motor racing and that really helped his mental health. “It gave me a purpose, a sense of team spirit, an adrenaline rush…everything that I missed from the Army.”

He also discovered Back on Track, both for the camaraderie their karting races gave to injured servicemen and women, as well as the medical assistance they offered with his scarring…and this assistance continues to this day, but it is with Martyn’s racing in mind that we need your help.

Martyn needs £20,000 to continue racing. Will you help us to help him by making a donation so that together we can get Martyn back on track?

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