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31 July 2020

The Power of DNA


You work hard, you train hard to get your body to the peak of physical fitness and then injury lets you down.

The road to recovery can seem a long one, but advances in medical science can help. And surprisingly, it is advances in cosmetic procedures…and the search for more youthful-looking skin…which have paved the way to some of the most exciting new ways of rejuvenating and repairing the body. The secret? You can heal yourself by harnessing the information which is contained in your DNA blueprint. Your own blood is the hero!

You may have heard of PRP already as it has been used extensively in rejuvenating and plumping facial skin…but did you know that it is also a fast, effective treatment for damaged tendons in your body too? Tendons are the strong, rope-like tissues which connect your muscles to your bones. They contain collagen and when this collagen breaks down, Tendinopathy happens.

It is generally caused by repetitive use of a muscle, which over time, causes the structure of the tendon to change and the collagen to degenerate, resulting in pain, swelling, weakness and reduced function at the affected joint…hips, knees, shoulders, fingers, ankles for example. Whilst mainly associated with sports injuries… …Tendinopathy can also happen to anyone carrying out highly repetitive activities such as painters/decorators, typists and even pianists, hence runner’s/jumper’s knee; tennis elbow; golfer’s elbow; Achilles tendinopathy, rotator cuff of the shoulder and plantar fasciitis.

It is also part of the natural ageing process of the body and a remarkably common ailment, and up to now perceived treatment has been to ice the area, take painkillers and wait for the damage to subside. But now here at the Clinic we are using PRP therapy to speed up treatment and recovery…naturally, by harnessing the power of your own body. In the first instance a small amount of your blood is collected. It is then placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from other blood components and this high concentration of platelets (which is naturally rich in stem, and other regenerative cells) is injected into the area which needs to be treated.

This creates a healing response from deep within the tissue, allowing your body to regenerate and restore…from the inside out. And the beauty is that you have created it all yourself…so there is no adverse or allergic reaction.

It’s all You! If you think this innovative treatment can help you then get in touch… let’s get you back on track!

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