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Charity number: 1169764 (England and Wales)

Rehabilitation. Treatment. Resettlement. Support.



The preservation of health, rehabilitation and resettlement into society of former members of the armed forces who have been wounded, physically or psychologically, in particular but not exclusively by providing or assisting in the provision of medical treatment (including reconstructive surgery) emotional and psychological support and facilities or other support.

Back on Track may be small... but we are mighty!


I am so proud to be Patron of this amazing charity





Back on Track is everything you want a military charity to be.

— Pete Hobbs

They say if you do a 360 you end up back where you started. Back on Track has done exactly that for me in allowing me to become the happier, healthier person I was and not the sad, unhealthy man I’d become.

— Gary Edwards

Back on Track has supported me medically with various laser treatments, to help improve scarring and skin appearance for my burns. This has been a massive help for me, as my skin was very tight and brittle before these treatments. I’m honoured to be supported by BoT and fly their flag out during a race weekend, as they are a charity aimed primarily at helping veterans with their medical needs, both physical and mental. I’ve been involved with them since the charity was set up, such a great group of people that I love working with.

— Martyn Compton

I have recently started working with Back on Track, helping me to deal with the mental health problems I suffer with as a result of a brain injury sustained in a motorcycle accident in 2005. In the past I found it very difficult to find consistent help from other sources, which has often left me trying to deal with it myself. One of the best activities to combat my mental health issues, is to get out on track and race. Without the support of BoT this year, it would have been very difficult to do that. I hope that sharing what Martyn and I achieved out on track and how BoT have supported us, it helps shine a light on the help the charity has to offer other veterans in need of help.

— Warren McKinlay

OUR history


Back on Track is the brainchild of Dr. Aamer Khan and his wife, Lesley Reynolds, who founded The Harley Street Skin Clinic.

For some time now, they have been quietly working with injured servicemen and women, particularly in the field of skin injuries, to help them regain the confidence to face the world again, and when they discovered that several of the servicemen were passionate about karting they devised an event which would both be a lot of fun plus could help to raise funds to help them continue racing. Thus Back on Track was born in 2014 and it is fair to say that it was an immediate success.

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The medical industry has been generous by offering their services at little, or no cost, and I am proud to facilitate the treatment of all veterans who come through our doors.



The Harley Street Skin Clinic has an impressive celebrity clientele who were magnimous in their response to the call to take on the daredevil racing soldiers…for a while it was touch and go, but in the end the soldiers triumphed. And the challenge goes on…each year the soldiers, celebrities and general public vie for top position and the top prize.

2016 was a game-changer because Back on Track applied to the Charity Commission for official status… and in October 2016 this was granted which means that Back on Track can now raise more money to help more servicemen and women heal their skin injuries and rebuild their confidence.

Please help us. Attend one of our events…join in the Back on Track race day…or simply donate.

What are we up to?

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